Google Does It Right

Google has become one of the World’s newest “Superpower.”  No they don’t have weapons of mass destruction. No they aren’t a communist country, but they are only the world’s most popular search engine.  While Google keeps creating new and innovative ideas and web projects, the rest of us are just sitting here wondering how to get a job there.  Google has pioneered the way the Internet is searched and well, to tell you the truth, they are pioneering the way to run a business too.

Fortune Magazine has just named Google “The Best Company to Work For,” and why not?  Google takes care of their employees by living by the saying, “Give the employee everything they need at work and they never need to leave work.”  Google supplies employees with FREE on site/in house dentists, daycares, doctors, eye doctors, restaurants, gyms, transportation, the list goes on and on.  So what that they have an endless amount of money, that is beside the point.

Google doesn’t just give back to the employees, but they also give back to the community. What Google has just recently done for the City of Mountain View, California is make the whole city a WiFi hot spot.  That’s right, they are providing wireless Internet to all of Mountain View.  Now, I am sure Google is getting something out of this, like a whole mess load of user tendencies and stats, but that is still pretty cool.  Do you think that this practice will be supplied in other communities too?  Sure, the initial setup is expensive to buy,  hook up access points all around town, and security, but think of small communities.  What would give a small community more publicity than citywide Wifi?  If finances are tight, you could always charge residents a small fee every month to cover expenses. Not a moneymaking project within itself, but it would be something to generate new residents. I should be mayor.